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Joe’s Herb Cabinet

Windwalker, grown by Native Veteran in living super soil, and watered with pure filtered water (no bottled nutrients). Ocimene and terpinolene dominant! 15/g 250/oz
Wizard Shit, grown by Hermetic Flower Co. No bottled nutrients in living soil. Pinene dominant!!! 15/g 250/oz

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Flower on our shelf today 1/27/2021 (all prices are OTD):

Limonene-dominant strains: Billy Knuckles by Native Veteran (24.7% THC, 0.3% THCV, 1.6% Terpenes) -Bred and grown in Oklahoma, grown in a rich living soil with only water added and no sprays on the plants! 13/g 200/oz

San Fernando Valley OG (29% THC, 2.64% terpenes) & Jungle Cake (24.3% THC 2.14% terpenes), grown in coco and promix by No Time OKC. Both strains have aggressive aromas and dense buds. 15/g 250/ozCherry Cookies BX2 (17.7% THC, 3.5% terpenes) from Wizard Cannabis – Long cure! 7/g 150/oz

Caryophyllene-dominant strains:66 Cookies (20.3% THC, 2.9% terpenes) grown by Braddaz Wit Bellyz using Hawaiian grow styles and soil. Hand-trimmed, long cured. 15/g 250/oz
Acapulco Gold (23.2% THC 1.49% terpenes) and Super Silver Haze(21.9% THC, 1.65% terpenes) grown under the sun by the husband and wife team at Wild Hare Farms, south of Norman. The growers consider the grow an improvement for earth’s health and they support insects, soil, and microbes during the process. 10/g 185/oz
UK Cheese (17.07% THC, 1.79% terpenes) with a generous amount of farnesene and 16:20 (22.3% THC, 1.22% terpenes) from Farmers Market Buds is sure to please the discerning patient. Very nicely cured and hand trimmed, these buds come with unique terpene profiles and effects. 10/13/g 185/200/oz

Myrcene-dominant strains:Gruntz (15.8% THC 2.6% terpenes), grown in rich living soil by Friday Farms, hand trimmed and cured to perfection. Be amazed at the colors and relaxing medicinal effects! 15/g 250/oz Under Fire OG (24.5% THC, 3.4% terpenes) grown in a sunpowered greenhouse by Full Sun Farm in huge pots containing living soil which is fed to the plants by a team of billions of microbes! 15/g 250/oz

Visit us to read through the lab results, enjoy the beautiful aromas, and sample the herbal tea of the day!Please be our guests! -Joe

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Caution: Women should not use marijuana or medical marijuana during pregnancy because of the risk of health
defects or while breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children. For accidental ingestion call 1-800-222-1222

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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